Oooops! Contest correct website.

March 21st, 2009

Sorry, the first link I gave you for the contest website didn’t work.  This one will.

Over 40 authors are taking part.  My official prize is a download of Perfumed Heat.  Yes, I know, quite few of you already have it.  However, I’ll also be adding a surprise gift — and no, I’m not going to tell you what it is.


March 21st, 2009

I’m participating in Cindy Pape’s Rites of Spring Contest.  For more information, go to

Great deal on a Judy Mays’ paperback!

July 29th, 2008

A Breath of Heat now on sale at Ellora’s Cave!!!!!!!!!!!  A Breath of Heat contains A Midsummer Night’s Heat and Solstice Heat.






July 4th, 2008

Add some sizzle to your summer!

July is getting hotter by the moment!!!

This month we have some of the most sizzling authors from Ellora’s
Cave and Cerridwen Press here with us to help put some sizzle in your

Grab something cool and join us in a huge contest. Each author is
giving away a prize. All you have to do is go to “Hussies” contest
page, click on the author’s name, and answer the questions on the
form provided and hit submit. It’s that easy. And if you don’t know
an answer, no worries, there are links to the authors’ web sites and
publisher pages to help you out.

So come on, what are you waiting for? Have fun and good luck!!

Nicole Austin
Prize: to be announced

Nathalie Gray
Prize: to be announced

Sally Painter
Prize: Autographed copy of Things That Go Bump in the Night

Sahara Kelly and Scott Carpenter
Prize: Download of all three Parners in Passion books: Eleanor and
Justin, No Limits and Pure Sin

Ciana Stone
Prize: Download of A Taste for Jazz and new release, Maxwell’s Silver

Tilly Greene
Prize: Tote Bag of Goodies

Tiffany Bryan
Prize: Download copy of Bekeweled and Bedeviled

Trista Ann Michaels
Prize: Ebook: Destined for Two, Book 3 in the Entwined Fate series

Taige Crenshaw
Prize: Download of Golden Seduction, Book 1 of the Rarieties

Stephanie Julian
Prize: Download of Seduced in Shadow

Shelley Munro
Prize: Download copy of Wanderlust

Samantha Kane
Prize: Copy of At Love’s Command

Natasha Moore
Prize: Print copy of Seasons of Seduction IV

Rowan West
Prize: Winner’s Choice Download of any of Rowan’s backlist and a deck
of EC Silver Playing Cards

Robie Madison
Prize: Winner’s Choice download of any of Robie’s Backlist

NJ Walters
Prize: Print copy of Summersville Heat

Marilu Mann
Prize: Copy of Sapphire Tease (releases in September)

Marianne Stephens
Prize: Autographed copy of Second Sight Dating

Lara Diamond
Prize: Download copy of Man Overboard

Lacey Savage
Prize: Paperback copy of Fighting Chance

Katherine Kingston
Prize: Trade paperback copy of Pleasure Raiders

Kate Hill
Prize: Download of any of Kate’s backlist

Karen Erickson
Prize: Download of any of Karen’s Backlistn

KZ Snow
Prize: Reader’s Choice download of any of KZ’s backlist

Janet Miller/Cricket Starr
Prize: A deck of tarot cards

Fae Sutherland and Marguerite Labbe
Prize: Ebook of Exceptions to the Rule

Claire Thompson
Prize: EBook of choice from Claire’s Site

Cindy Spencer Pape
Prize: Download of any of Cindy’s backlist

Ashlyn Chase
Prize: Copy of Heaving Bosoms in Paperback

Ann Jacobs
Prize: Download of any of Ann’s Backlist

Adele Dubois
Prize: Download of Intimate Art and Two deluxe packs of seashells for
home decor

Judy Mays
Prize: Download of Celestial Passions: Meri

Mari Freeman
Prize: Reader’s Choice Download of any of Mari’s titles

Allyson James
Prize: Download of any Allyson James backlist

Anh Leod
Prize: Download of Lucky Number Seven

Cris Anson
Prize: Download of Book

Tawny Taylor
Prize: Paperback book, tote and some goodies

Liddy Midnight
Prize: A Charm Bracelet, winner’s choice from my book-themed designs

Lady Jaided: The Ellora’s Cave Magazine
Prize: Winner’s Choice download of any EC/CP book and a Lady
Jaided/Ellora’s Cave Goodie bag Read the rest of this entry »

The Joys of Home Ownership

June 29th, 2008

Well, the furnace isn’t fixed.  Really, there’s nothing wrong with the furnace; the fuel lines, which are buried under the cement floor, from the oil tank, which is buried in the back yard,are blocked.  The repairman busted his butt trying to get them cleared, but no luck.  Luckily, we had an electric hot water heater in the cellar that we could switch on so we do have hot water.  Do you have any idea what water that’s been sitting in a metal tank for about 15 years smells like?  It was nasty until we got it all out and new water in.

So, we now have hot water but have to do something before cold weather sets in.  We’ll probably get a new tank put into the cellar and not use the one buried in the backyard any more.

Ahhhh, the joys of home ownership.  Did  I mention my over is falling apart?

Strangling the muse

June 27th, 2008

How often do you have your day planned and then have a monkey wrench thrown into the gears?

I had planned to do some heavy duty writing today. I really want to get my next wolfie finished.  Then, I discovered I had no hot water.  Now there was a distinct possiblility that I’d run our of heating oil. (’We have baseboard hot water heat.)  (We also have a 1000 gallon tank buried in the backyard with no oil gague so I have no idea how much oil is in it.)  I called my regular service but they couldn’t deliver before Monday because they only had one delivery person today — in Williamsport only.  So I found the phone book and started calling.  First two - no answer.  Third, no guarantee of delivery today.  Fourth, I got a very nice man who now has my business because his oil was only $4.27.9 a gallon. (ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Anyway, oil truck comes - I still have over 400 gallons of oil.  ( I got 150 gallons anyway because who knows how much it will cost once the weather starts turning cold.)

This means there’s something wrong with the furnace.  So, I called that nice man back only he was in a meeting.  The woman I talked to was also nice and said she’d either call me back or have their repairman call me.  That was at noon.

Two o’clock, no phone call.   So, I called them back.  The woman answered but gave the phone to the nice man who was back from his meeting.  He promised to have a man out today.  Five minutes later, he called back to let me know the repairman’s schedule so I wouln’t get worried when he didn’t show up right away.

I’m pretty sure the furnace will be fixed, but, damn, the hassle threw a bucket of cold water on my muse.

Don’t you just love a day like this?

Celestial Passions: Meri now available!!!

June 19th, 2008

The latest installment in my Celestial Passions romance series is now available from Ellora’s Cave -  !!

Only three more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 10th, 2008

Celestial Passions: Meri will be released by Ellora’s Cave, , on Friday, June 13, only three days from now!

So those of you who like my aliens, the long wait is over!

Gardening and Bunnies

May 26th, 2008

Anybody out there like to garden?

I enjoy gardening and am in the process of changing my current plot into raised beds.  Well, I have a bunny nest in my onions.  Last year, baby bunnies drove me nuts by eating my string bean plants.  I’ll bet the mother of this current crop is one of the babies from last year, the stinker.  That’s one of the reasons I decided to do the raised beds.  I’ll take the fence down — it didn’t keep the baby bunnies out anyway — and lay the wire on top of the bed with the beans.  Hopefully that will work.  It used to be that our dog scared the living daylights out of any rabbit that dared set foot in our yard, but now at 13, he just lies in the shade and watches them hop around.

So, good luck to all my compatriots out there, and may the bunnies leave you in peace.

Book Cover Up

May 18th, 2008

The cover for Celestial Passions: Meri is up on EC’s coming soon page!!!!