Celestial Passions: Brianna

Futuristic Erotic Romance

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Groaning, Brianna opened her eyes then gasped at the sudden ache in her shoulder. Befuddled at first, she tried to focus her eyes in the dim light. Then, she remembered.

Sheíd rescued those aliens, and the soldiers followed them to that clearing. There was a bright light. Mark shot her! What the hell did she ever do to him? He was the one who tried to rape her.

Again she looked around the small room. Where was she? Miklan! Heíd grabbed her wrist and pulled her into that bright light. My God, I must be on a space ship.

Moving gingerly, she slowly raised her arms and legs. They moved the way they were supposed to, although there was a definite tenderness in her right shoulder. Lifting her head, she moved it slowly from left to right Ė no pain. As she eased herself into a sitting position, her blanket fell to her waist. Iím naked!

Wrapping the blanket around herself, she swung her legs over the bunk and pushed herself to her feet. Moving carefully, she gained her equilibrium and worked the slight stiffness out of her legs. "I wonder how long Iíve been unconscious," she said, her voice echoing around the small room. She sneezed. Whatever kind of medicine was on her wound was strong.

Brianna pulled the blanket more tightly beneath her arms and walked to the door. Tentatively, she placed her palm upon the handprint in the middle of the door. It slid open with a slight whisper, revealing an empty room.

When she stepped cautiously into the larger room, the quiet hiss of the door closing caused her to spin about. A handprint identical to that on the inside was affixed to this side of the door also. Pressing her palm against it, she was relieved when the door glided open. At least she could get back in. But, was it a refuge or a cage?

Turning once more, Brianna took stock of her surroundings. This room was much larger with sparse but what looked like comfortable furnishings. A table with ten chairs was to one side while a sofa, overstuffed chair, and a smaller table sat on the other side. A large plant, with pale blue leaves and flowers of a darker blue, stood next to a closed door to her right; but it was the huge window that drew her attention. There were drapes of a sort - pulled open. And, outside of the window was nothing, absolutely nothing.

Brianna staggered to the window, braced her hands against it, and gaped at the blackness. One tiny pinpoint of light could be seen far, far below, but it flickered out as she stared at it. "Oh my God," she moaned, "I am in a spaceship! Whereís Earth? How do I get home?" Frozen in place, her thoughts a whirling maelstrom, she didnít hear the door slide open behind her.


As Char walked into the room, his eyes were drawn to the figure that stood before the window. Stopping half way across the room, he stared at the woman who had danced through his erotic dreams for the last week. She stood with her back towards him a blanket covering her torso to the knees. Her fiery hair cascaded to her hips, and a mental picture of those soft flames wrapped around his body jumped into his mind.

"So, you have finally awakened."

Brianna tensed. She wasnít alone. She turned, slowly, and gasped in shock.

The man who shared the room with her was completely naked.

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BRIANNA is an amazingly emotionally exciting tale. Ms. Mays has created some of the best characters Iíve ever read about. Brianna is one strong and sassy woman and Char is the perfect man for her with all his sensuality and power. I loved how Brianna stood up for herself continuously throughout even though she had been thrust into an extraordinary situation. The passion between Char and Brianna is out of this world and the things that man can do with his tail are simply amazing and highly arousing. The political machinations and characterization are unbelievable and extremely well written. The variety of races that we are introduced to is great and Ms. Mays must have spent some time creating such believable beings.

BRIANNA has gone to the top of the list of my favorite futuristic romances. I cannot express how much I enjoyed this book and I sincerely hope that there are more in the works. This is one universe that needs further exploration!

Nicole Hulst, eCataRomance Reviews, www.ecataromance.com


What follows is a story packed with nonstop action, hot, steamy love scenes, intrigue and espionage, and is peopled with characters that will long be remembered after a reader finishes the book. Brianna is an amazingly strong heroine and easily adapts to her new life. Char is sex personified, and being an alien only makes him all the more hot! One particular character, Charís cousin Ban, is especially intriguing and this reviewer hopes to see his story in a future book. Readers of the Erotica and Futuristic genres will love this story, and will find themselves impatiently awaiting the next book by this very prolific author. A definite donít miss!

Reviewed by Kari.  A Romance Review

I loved this story and could not put it down. I was drawn in and now I canít wait for the next installment. Very well written and fasted paced I would highly recommend this Celestrial Passions: Brianna you wonít be disappointed. The characters are strong and you come to care for them and about them. This is one of the best stories Iíve read this year.


Beth Reimer, Enchanted Romance


Judy Mays creates not only two fantastic main characters, but also several great secondary characters who will come to be favorites as well. There are small elements of romance between other characters and some set up the events to come in the next book of this series. My favorite secondary characters are Ban -- can you say HOT? -- and the intriguing Gattan race, which will be featured in SHEALA, Celestial Passions Book 2. The author also creates a villain you will love to hate, and Bakomís despicable and horrific experiments, along with his vile personality, will cause readers to look forward to his downfall and destruction.

BRIANNA is a book you do not want to miss. Full of explosive eroticism, romance, adventure, danger around every corner, and characters that will charm and intrigue, this book will capture your imagination and leave you wondering what will happen next. The only complaint that I have is that the next book, SHEALA, wonít be out until next year. Judy Mays is definitely an author to watch for, if only she could give us more of her outstanding writing sooner and more often. For readers who donít like sci-fi, this is one book you will just have to try; it will definitely change your mind.

Enya Adrian, Romance Reveiws Today








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