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Still fuming and muttering obscenities under her breath, Meredythe barreled into the break room and slammed the door closed. Pain-in-the-ass men! All they did was screw with her life. God, how she wanted to punch something!


Pushing the tantalizing stranger from her mind, she concentrated on her mentor. All those months spent on that story, gathering leads and information. And what did she have to show for it? Not a thing. She’d always thought James King was a fair man. But now…


He wants to give you another story, interrupted her inner voice. Maybe its better.


Meredythe contemplated that thought for a moment. Then she shook her head. “The Albany story is Pulitzer Prize material,” she muttered to the empty room. “It’s my story.”


The desire to punch something grew stronger. Taking a deep breath, she forced herself to relax. She had to control her temper. And brooding certainly wouldn’t do her any good. No. She had to formulate a plan to get her story back. She rolled her neck and shoulders, trying to work the kinks out of the knotted muscles. Closing her eyes, she opened her mouth and breathed deeply, then exhaled slowly once, twice, a third time. The knot in her stomach began to relax.


She heard the door open. Too soon for James. Some coworker then.


“Not now. I need to be alone.”


“But I want you now.”


That voice! Damn all fucking men to hell! Spinning around, Meredythe stared at the stranger from her boss’s office. His silvery-gray eyes bored into hers. Six feet tall, wickedly lean with muscles clearly defined by his tight, black t-shirt and jeans, he exuded sensuality.


A shiver danced its way up Meredythe’s spine and shattered the composure she’d regained as she let her gaze slide down his body. Damn, but he was a hunk. If only he would turn around so she could get a look at his ass. A picture of him standing naked before her flashed in her mind. Her cunt muscles tightened and her nipples tingled. She looked back up into his face.


The corners of his mouth lifted slightly. Amusement appeared in his eyes. “Like what you see?”


Jerking her gaze from his, Meredythe’s anger burned higher. How could she find such an arrogant man attractive? She hated arrogant men.

He held out his hand. “Come to me.”


Meredythe’s eyes widened and heat surged to her face. What was she, a dog? “Bullshit! Just who the hell do you think you are?”


He didn’t answer. Instead he kicked the door closed and stalked toward her, his muscles sliding smoothly beneath his clothing.


He moves so effortlessly, like an animal. “What do you want?” she challenged again when he stopped before her.


His eyes bored into hers. “You.”


“Me!” she sputtered. This was the last straw. “And just what makes you think—”


Before she could finish, he cupped her face gently but firmly between his hands, nuzzled her mouth with his, then slid his lips over hers.


Shocked, Meredythe froze.


As his spicy scent surrounded her, soft, tender kisses and delicate flicks of his tongue teased her senses. His supple thumbs caressed her cheeks while his strong fingers massaged the sides of her neck. Slanting his head, he pressed his mouth more firmly against hers and tantalized her lips with the tip of his tongue.

Slowly, her body relaxed and she leaned into him.


He growled low in his throat and sucked on her lower lip.


Something inside Meredythe burst free from its cocoon and exploded into flight. Sighing, she opened her mouth, all thoughts of escape melting away.


With that small victory, he seized control. Kisses that had been gentle now seared her lips, drawing forth a hungry, burning response from the depths of her soul. His tongue invaded her mouth, thrusting and swirling against hers in a dance that became more and more sensuous. His mouth conquered, dominated, demanded. A low moan escaped from her throat as she melted against him, palms flat against his chest, and began to drown in the raw, blatant passion of his kiss.


Wrapping one arm around her waist, he laced the fingers of his other hand through her hair and pulled her head even closer.


Teeth clashed against teeth and tongues stabbed and swiped.


Her teeth slid across his lip.


For a second, the metallic taste of blood rolled across Meredythe’s tongue, then a bonfire ignited in her soul. Trapped in a kiss that seemed to drag her soul from her body, she plummeted into a maelstrom of desire.


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Fires of Solstice Reviews


Ms. Mays does it again! She is truly one of the best writers of
erotic, shapeshifter romance. The characters in FIRES OF SOLSTICE are
complex and well-drawn ,and the plot is hot and steamy. Bleddyn is a
very alpha male, but he meets his match in Meredyth, who can stand toe
to toe with him and has a mind of her own. Bleddyn and Meredyth make a
great couple and compliment each other well. FIRES OF SOLSTICE is a
must read for the lover of shapeshifter romance.

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield

Paranormal Romance Reviews




FIRES OF SOLSTICE is a refreshingly different shape-shifter story. Ms Mays managed to give the werewolf mythology a very interesting new twist. As soon as you start reading you will get completely sucked in to the story and it will keep you captivated till the end. The book is full of suspense and it will keep you on the edge. Bleddyn and Meredythe are very fascinating and complex characters who each have their own problems to solve. Bleddyn’s past always comes back to haunt him and each time when he thinks he made it, something happens again. 


FIRES OF SOLSTICE is a real keeper for all fans of shape-shifters. You can’t do anything wrong with a book by Ms. Mays!







For me, Judy Mays is one of the most talented writers out there and I find it amazing that the New York publishers haven’t “discovered” her. They don’t know what they are missing: a writer with a serious ability to draw the reader into the story from the first page.


Judy Mays’ Fires of Solstice grabs you from the first page and doesn’t let you go. Meredythe is a strong, independent woman determined not to quietly submit to what fate has decreed for her and Bleddyn is a man driven by forces beyond his control.


As with all of Ms. Mays’ books, this one is a keeper. Outside of that I think Fires of Solstice is certainly one of the best ebooks I have read in a long time, indeed, one of the best books period. If you have not read any of her previous books, grab this one up.


Reviewed by Theresa

© February 2008




Wonderful paranormal novel. I love the blending of several paranormal entities, witches, shape shifters, vampires in an modern day tale. There are even flash-back type dreams of past life experiences, including druid worship and witch trials. The sexual tension is heightened by the characters fantasising about each other, prior to actually spending time in each others arms. It was a wonderful read that I will enjoy time and again.


Reviewer: Aris   






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