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Oh, Jingle balls, jingle balls,

Jingle all the way.

Oh what fun it is to watch

Santa strip away.


What do you do with a two-hundred-pound stripping Santa who's freezing his jingle balls off? Warm him up and drop him into your hot tub, what else? Then make very sure he's completely thawed out...


Two nights before Christmas, Ruth's new neighbors pay Ruth a little visit, giving her a Christmas she'll never forget. Granted, vampires and werewolves aren't all that interested in Christmas. But they certainly know how to appreciate a pretty woman -- especially one who's feisty enough to stand up to both of them!


The pastry shop, Jingle Buns, which Daniella owns with her friends in Chicago, is a great success. But her heart's been broken often enough she's sure she'll spend her life alone. Her friends, however, refuse to give up. The German tourist, Maximilian Arnalt, will be perfect for Daniella. After all, everybody knows many Germans like kinky sex. The one thing they don't know is that Maximilian's a vampire.


This collection contains the previously released novellas Jingle Balls, Jingle Bites, and Jingle Buns.



Daniella Becker should have a great life.  The pastry shoppe, Jingle Buns, that she owns with her closest friends in Chicago is a great success.  She’s young, pretty and attracts the interest of more than a few men — attracts their interest but then loses it because of small birth defect that frightens them away.  Her heart has been broken often enough that she’s sure she’ll spend her life alone. Her friends, the Yuu siblings, however, refuse to give up and decide to find a man who will appreciate her natural endowment.  And there just happens be a tourist from Germany, Maximilian Arnalt, who’s discovered their pastry shoppe.  They’re sure he’ll be perfect for her.  After all, everybody knows many Germans like kinky sex.

The one thing they don’t know is that Maximilian is a vampire.

He discovers that Daniella is just as delicious as her pastries.

Available this December! Read an excerpt.



A Changeling For All Seasons


Ten unforgettable Erotic Tales to warm your nights
 and keep you in holiday spirits all year long!


Angela Knight – A Vampire Christmas
Sahara Kelly – A Christmas Pageant
Judy Mays – Jingle Balls
Marteeka Karland – Sealed With A Kiss
Kate Douglas – My Valentine
Shelby Morgen – Changeling
Willa Okati – Elven Enchantment
Kate Hill – Jolene’s Pooka
Lacey Savage – Chemistry to Burn
Shelby Morgen – Troll Under The Bridge


Filled with the unexpected, A Changeling For All Seasons offers something to savor for every palate. From humorous to magical, from Christmas to St. Patrick’s Day to the 4th of July, these stories are alight with unbridled lust, sensuous passion, and hot, hot sex, guaranteed to entangle your senses and leave you breathless.


Available November 14th, 2005

ISBN (10) 1-59596-280-8
ISBN (13) 978-1-59596-280-5

Paperback, 304 pages

Retail Price: $14.95

A Vacation For Your Mind -- No Passport Required.


Available from Changeling Press!


Publishers of out of this world erotic love stories.



Jingle Balls

Oh, Jingle balls, jingle balls, Jingle all the way.

Oh what fun it is to watch Santa strip away.

 Santa stripping, balls jingling and a dog sled team with very unusual names.
On Dasheill, on Danny, on Pranckster and Vicky. On Compass, on Cueball, on Donny, and Blister. Hup! Hup!

What do you do with a 200 pound stripping Santa who's freezing his jingle balls off?

Drop him into your hot tub, what else? And then make absolutely sure that every inch of him has thawed out.


Read Excerpt


Available from Changeling Press!


Publishers of out of this world erotic love stories.


Jingle Bites

Hardworking Ruth only wants to be able to sleep the night through without being awakened by her rowdy neighbors who like to party into the wee hours of the morning. When they don't acknowledge her polite requests to turn down the noise, she calls the police, figuing quite correctly that the authorities be very interested in what looked like a large bloodstain in the snow in their back yard.

Derek, Bill, and, especially Allister, are annoyed by their straightlaced neighbor's complaints. What they do in their house is none of her business so they decide to stop her complaints once and for all.  Scaring her into silence shouldn't be a problem, especially since one of them is a werewolf and the other two are vampires. A quick break-in, a little mind control, and she won't bother them any more.

But, Ruth is not the quiet, prim and proper woman they expected. Instead, she meets them downstairs wearing a skimpy, red satin teddy and weilding a fireplace poker. Derek is knocked unconscious, and Bill ends up with a lump the size of a Christmas tree ball on his head. Only Allister is able to escape injury and capture their angy neighbor in his arms.

This Christmas Eve is one Ruth will never forget.


Available from Changeling Press!

Praise for Jingle Balls


"Jingle Balls is a story that, at times, is very hilarious, a story of finding your mate without actually realizing your family has set you up."

-- Sheryl, Coffee Time Romance


"[Judy Mays'] witty dialogue will have you laughing out loud."

-- Tewanda, Fallen Angel Reviews

Praise for Jingle Bites


"This is a very fast, very hot Christmas story."

-- Jean, Fallen Angel Reviews


"This short but sassy tale is a rowdy romp through a unique world of vampires and werewolves that really grabbed and held my attention. The plot is so loaded with sexual tension it fairly exploded off of the pages."

-- Susan White, Coffee Time Romance Reviews


Praise for Jingle Buns


"Jingle Buns is a fun read with quirky characters and unique situations that I found simply enchanting... If you're looking for a fun tale full of Christmas hope and spirit without all the trimmings then this book is for you. Plus there are recipes in the back of the book that look absolutely delectable. I may just have to give pastry making a try."

4.5 Blue Ribbons! -- Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies


", whatta read. It's hot, seductive and sensual. Judy Mays writes a very entertaining story with interesting characters, a good plot and a good dose of humor."

-- Valerie, Love Romances and More


"A romantic, sizzling and emotional story is presented with two ideal main characters... The erotic scenes are hot, not to mention frequent. This story is great for those looking for a good paranormal love story with well-rounded characters."

-- Tj, The Romance Studio


"Drama, violence and hot sex -- Jingle Buns has it all and more. I hope that Ms. Mays will revisit this world to find mates for the enchanting and eccentric staff of Jingle Buns in the future."

-- Megan, Erotic Escapades


"The sex was stupendous! I would have loved to be there to watch."

-- Marcy Arbitman, Just Erotic Romance Reviews


"I found this naughty novella to be a yummy treat just in time for the holiday season. So, find yourself a comfy spot and indulge into Judy Mays' Jingle Buns. You will not be disappointed."

4 Angels! -- Contessa, Fallen Angel Reviews


"The dialogue flowed naturally, the scenes were well written, editing was great and time zipped by so fast that I couldn't believe it when I got to the end. The ending wasn't mushy or an over dramatized romance -- it was pure Daniella Becker. Jingle Buns will have you celebrating romance,love and hunky vampires."

-- Xeranth, Whipped Cream



Jingle Buns


The rank odor of hatred enveloped Maximilian as a man mumbling obscenities bolted past him and slammed open the door of the shop. The bell jangled discordantly as the flickering lights glinted on the knife in his hand.  He yelled and attackedDaniella. However, before she finished screaming, Maximilian was leaping through the door. As she stumbled back and fell to the floor, Maximilian landed between her and her attacker. Baring his fangs, he lunged at the much slower human.  

Shrieking, Daniella’s attacker dropped the knife and stumbled back.

Penny’s scream stopped Maximilian’s hands from closing around the man’s throat. “Oh, my God. There’s so much blood.”

Alternating shrieking and sobbing, Daniella’s attacker stumbled through the door and disappeared.

Promising himself he’d deal with the attacker later -- he’d never forget the man’s stench -- Maximilian turned and knelt next to Daniella. Unconscious, she lay still in Teddy’s arms as Penny tried to staunch the flow of blood from the wound in Daniella’s thigh.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Somebody call 911,” Penny moaned as she pressed her hands against the ragged wound. Blood oozed from between her fingers.

Without even exposing and examining her wound, Maximilian needed only a second to know exactly how much blood Daniella had lost. Her wound was bleeding profusely, but the blood wasn’t spurting out which meant the knife had missed her femoral artery. At this point, she was close to losing about a pint of blood -- not life threatening as long as he got the bleeding stopped very soon.

“Get me some clean towels now,” he commanded Penny as he nudged her out of the way and pressed his hand against the inside of Daniella’s thigh.

“Are you a doctor?”

Not bothering to hide his fangs -- they wouldn’t have withdrawn with this much blood around anyway -- Maximilian smiled. “You could say that.” He stared into her eyes. “Now go and get those towels.” He turned to Teddy as Penny scurried away. “Does she live nearby?”

Eyeing Maximilian’s fangs, he said, “She lives in the apartment above the shop. There’s a stairway back behind the shop.”

Maximilian nodded. As Penny returned with the towels, he commanded, “Clean up the blood and then continue closing the shop as you would any other night. You will remember that Daniella was attacked but that her wound was only a slight cut. Then go home as you usually would after closing. Return here tomorrow at your usual time as if nothing had happened. I will take care of Daniella. Do not worry. She’ll be fine.”

Carefully lifting Daniella’s leg, he reached down to her ankle, grabbed the hem of her jeans, ripped the seam up to her crotch, and stared at the blood welling from a ragged puncture on the fleshy inside of her thigh.

The hot, coppery aroma swirled around him, and his fangs began to ache. The urge to sink them into her flesh on both sides of her wound and suck her rich blood into his mouth was very tempting. But, Maximilian wasn’t a young vampyre. He’d been alive for hundreds of years and could control his body’s urges. He had no doubt that he would soon taste Daniella’s blood, but it would not be now when she was sorely wounded and incapable of refusing him.

Maximilian smiled to himself. She would not refuse him.

After tearing the towels into strips and wrapping them tightly around Daniella’s bleeding leg, he lifted her into his arms and stared at Teddy and Penny. “Lock the door behind me and finish quickly. Then go home and sleep.”

Both nodded. Penny hurried towards the back of the shop while Teddy followed them to the door.

The lock clicked after Maximilian stepped outside.

She moaned as the cold air began to revive her. “Whe -- where?”

“Hush, Leibling, I am taking you home.”

Holding Daniella closer as she began to shiver, Maximilian turned left, strode to the end of the store, and turned back into the alley between Jingle Buns and the building next to it. An effortless leap had him on the second story landing in front of Daniella’s apartment’s door. Again, he looked down into her pale face. “Key?”

Semi-conscious, she was staring bleary-eyed up at him. “What…”

“Where’s your key?”

She blinked, then blinked again.

“Your key, Daniella. I have to open your door, or -- I could break it in.”

She blinked again then stuttered, “Fl -- ow -- er -- pot.”

Anybody could find it there and break in, Maximilian grumbled to himself as he kicked the bright green ceramic pot that held artificial poinsettias out of the way.  Ignoring the sharp sound of shattering pottery as the pot rolled off the landing and fell to the alley below, he shifted Daniella in his arms. Stooping, he scooped up the key then rose, pulled the storm door open, inserted the key into the lock, turned it, and pushed the inside door open. He didn’t bother turning on a light -- he didn’t need it. He strode through the small kitchen and into the living room. Laying her carefully on the sofa, he reached down to her ankle of her unwounded leg, grabbed the hem of her jeans, and ripped the outside seam up to her waist. Then he simply pulled them from her body.

Obviously still groggy, she still tried to pull away. “Stay still, Leibchen, I must care for your wound.” She shifted again but didn’t struggle.

Carefully, he unwrapped the towels around her wound and dropped them on the floor. Blood still oozed from the cut, and its rich aroma tantalized his senses.

Maximilian didn’t think twice because his saliva was the best way to heal the wound. Leaning over her thigh, he inhaled the rich scent of her blood then fastened his mouth over the wound and rubbed his tongue against it. He didn’t suck any blood from the puncture; she had already lost enough. He did lap away the blood still seeping from the wound, however.

As her rich blood filled his mouth and rolled down his throat into his stomach, fire burned its way outward through every extremity of his body -- especially his cock. Swelling with a harsh, aching need the like of which he’d never experienced before, it strained against his jeans.  His stomach rolled then felt as if it fell through the floor.  A single drop of bloody sweat rolled from his forehead and down over his nose to drop onto Daniella’s thigh.  He lifted his head from her leg and looked up into her face. What was happening to him?

The statuette that crashed against the side of his head surprised more than hurt him.

“Get away from me! I’ll hit you again! I’ll scream! I’m calling the police!”

As she wobbled to her feet, Maximilian gathered his senses about him and retreated to the doorway -- and the closest light switch. He could see her clearly, but she couldn’t see him.

As light flooded the room, she blinked and staggered as she adapted to the change from complete darkness. She was still blinking when she grabbed a lamp and raised it.

“I’m not going to hurt you, Leibling. I wasn’t the one who attacked you. The wound on your thigh needed attention.”

Her brow furrowed as she frowned. “Who…”

Smiling, he bowed his head. “Maximilian. Maximilian Arnalt, your German customer from tonight.”

Her frown remained. “Why -- where are Penny and Teddy?”

“Cleaning up the blood and closing the shop.”

Flinching at the word blood, she swayed then staggered forward. Before she could fall, Maximilian was at her side. In what seemed like one seamless movement, he shrugged out of his coat, tossed it onto her sofa, took the lamp from her trembling hand, set it on the table, and pulled her into his arms. Before she could even begin to struggle, he deposited her on top of his overcoat.

She shrank away from him. “What do you think you’re doing!”

Maximilian sighed. Her ability to withstand his hypnotic suggestions was making his efforts to help her much harder than it had to be. Crossing his arms over his chest, he stared into her face. “You knocked yourself unconscious when your head hit that table. You’ve lost almost a pint of blood from the wound that madman gave you.” He nodded toward his coat. “I thought you’d rather not get blood on your sofa, ja? Now, will you allow me to help you?”

Blood still seeped sluggishly from her wound. She pushed herself into the corner of the sofa. “You were sucking on my leg!”

Knowing his fangs were obvious, he grinned. “Nein, I wasn’t. I was using my salvia to stop the bleeding. Look for yourself. The wound is already starting to heal.”



Jingle Balls


            Fists clenched at her sides, Jessica glared at him.  “Shut up and let me out of here.  My sister needs me.”

            The silly smile never leaving his face, he cocked an eyebrow at her.  “Somehow, I think Tanya will probably be in more need of your help than your sister will.”  He wiggled his eyebrows.  “How about a private show?  Thought you wanted to see the North Pole.”

            A long exasperated sigh escaped Jessica’s throat, and she wiped a few beads of perspiration from her forehead.  Yes, she did want to see the North Pole – and touch and taste and ride it too.  But not before she made sure Penny was okay.  But first, she had to get six feet of a sexy, almost naked Santa out of her way.

            A bead of sweat slid down the side of her face.  When did it get so hot in here? 

            Jessica let her gaze drift down his naked chest – ummm, nice pecs – to his flat stomach and the thin line of dark hair disappearing into the pouch of his G-string.  That pouch was definitely starting to look fuller than it had been.  And it had been pretty full to start with. 

            She licked her lips. 

            She felt her nipples pebble and warmth began to seep between her legs.  Damn, but this guy was making her horny.

            The Santa hat dangling from his robe pocket caught her eye.  Sauntering towards him, she allowed a sexy smile – at least she hoped it was sexy – to appear on her lips.   “The North Pole, huh.  I must admit, I am intrigued.”

            A smile curved his lips, and a quick downward glance confirmed that the North Pole was getting bigger.

            Stopping just short of plastering her body against his, Jessica flattened her hands against his chest.  Ummm.  Just as hard and firm as it looked.  She swallowed.  Did he taste as good as he looked?

            Jessica slid her hands across his chest.  What was it she wanted to do?  Oh yeah, Penny.  Something about Penny.

            He settled his hands on her hips and she shivered.

            The hell with Penny.  She could take care of herself.

            “So,” Jessica said,” as she ran her hands up his chest then down his side to the straps of his G-string, “just how big is the North Pole.”  She pulled the Santa hat out of his pocket.

            “Judge for yourself,” he said as he cupped her ass cheeks with his big hands and pulled her tight against his hips.

            A small gasp escaped Jessica and she shivered.  Hot damn, but this was one nice-sized North Pole.  Lifting the hat, she placed it on his head, lifting her other hand to help settle it correctly on his head.   “Well, then Santa, time jingle those bells one more time.”


            As soon as she settled the hat on his head, Richard spun around, pushed her against the door, and attacked her mouth with his.

            She counter attacked by stabbing her tongue into his mouth, then sucking his tongue into hers.

            Their teeth clicked and clashed.

            Groaning, he opened his mouth wider, his tongue dancing with hers.   His cock was harder than it had ever been and his balls were on fire.  Never had he wanted –  no needed to bury his dick in a woman so badly.

            Somehow, she slipped her hand between them – something he didn’t think was possible considering how closely their bodies were plastered together – and grabbed his cock, her warm hand circling and caressing the head.

            “Fuck,” Richard moaned into her mouth.  “You’re gonna make me come too soon.”

            “Off.  Get this damn thing off,” she demanded against his mouth as she jerked at his G-string to the, side and  his cock sprang free.  “Oh, gods, yes.”

            With far more strength than he thought a woman could have, she pushed him back and fell to her knees, immediately sucking his cock into her mouth.

            “Oh fuck,” he groaned, spreading his legs and tilting his head back.

            Her tongue was magic; her mouth molten heat as she sucked and nibbled.

            He thrust his hips forward, and she sucked him in.  His cock slid into her throat.

            As she slid her tongue around him, she freed his balls and rolled them in her hands.

            It was too much.  He had to bury himself inside of her.

            Grabbing her shoulders, Richard pushed her mouth back of his cock, slipped his hands under her arms, and lifted her back to her feet.  “Clothes.  Off.  Now.”

            He didn’t wait for her to strip.  Shoving her sweater up over her breasts, he popped the clasp on the front of her bra, bent, nipped a taut nipple, then sucked it into his mouth.


            When he nipped her already tender nipple, Jessica pounded her fist against the door, and the loud thud echoed around the room.  Oh, gods, when had she ever wanted a man so much!

            She tore at the buttons on her jeans, popping a few in the process.  Shoving the jeans  down over her hips, she grabbed his cock again.

            When he buried his hand between her thighs, she arched into it, and his fingers slipped inside of her.  She ground down against them.

            “Fuck, you’re wet.”

            Nuzzling the ball of the Santa hat out of her way, Jessica nipped his ear lobe.  “I want you, inside me, now!”

            She spread her legs wider, cursing with frustration when the jeans tangled around her ankles wouldn’t let her lift her leg to wrap around his hips.  There were drawbacks to wearing boots.

            Her tangled jeans weren’t a hindrance to Richard.  Cupping her ass, he lifted her against the door, using his knee to spread her thighs as wide as he could, he dropped her onto his steel-hard cock.

            Wrapping her arms around his neck, Jessica sobbed into his mouth as her internal muscles stretched to accommodate his thick cock.  She shuddered when he lifted her and impaled her again.

            “Yes, oh yes.  Harder.  Harder.”

            He pounded into her.

            Her ass thudded against the door.

            “Fuck, you feel great.  Twist your hips.  That’s it.  Faster.”

            Jessica nipped his shoulder.  “Deeper.  Harder.”

            His fingers slid down the crack in her ass.

            Pressure built.

            Jessica sobbed.  “Now.  Oh, now!”


            Richard swiveled his hips and thrust into her.  His burning balls were tight against his body, and his cock was ready to explode. 

            She was squirming and bouncing against him, her tight, wet muscles grasping his cock far more tightly than any other woman’s ever had.

            He couldn’t hold back.

            When she screamed “Now” he surged upward one last time.


            Darkness roiled around them and the lights went out.


Available from Changeling Press!


Publishers of out of this world erotic love stories.






            Ruth concentrated on the man barely two feet away. She lifted her chin. This guy was intimidating -- and entirely too handsome for his own good. Long dark hair, rich coffee-colored eyes, straight nose, firm chin, thin lips. His broad shoulders, a wide chest, and six-pack abs were covered by a tight, black tee-shirt. Black jeans encased slim hips and long legs.

            Yeah, entirely too handsome -- for her own good. Ruth wrenched her mind away his compelling... attributes. What the hell was she thinking? Now was not the time to be contemplating how handsome a guy was. She had to focus on her immediate predicament -- getting out of here. She frowned and stared more closely at her captor. Tee-shirt and jeans? It was freezing outside, not more than twenty degrees. Didn’t he feel the cold?

            White teeth flashed as he smiled at her.

            Ruth sniffed. If he wanted to run around in a tee-shirt in twenty-degree weather, why should she care? Once she let loose, these guys wouldn’t know what hit them, and this one really had to be loony if he thought picking a name like Dracula was going to scare her. She smirked and played along. “Van Helsing killed him.”

            His gaze drifted back up to her face. “A lie. You don’t believe everything you read do you? Or see in the movies?”

            She sniffed again. “No, I don’t believe everything I read or see. Besides, Dracula is... ah... was Romanian nobility, moron. Do you honestly think he’d live in a place like this? I mean look around. You guys live like pigs.”

            The blond man snickered.

            The one named Derek leaned forward and propped his head in his hands. “She has a point. From what I know of him, Drac would never live here. He’s always preferred mansions and palaces.”

            The Dracula wannabe grinned at her. “I could be incognito.”

            Ruth shook her head. That Derek guy was talking like Dracula really existed. They all needed their heads examined. “Bullshit. Everyone knows Dracula and all other vampires are nothing more than fantasies found in trashy romance novels -- except for the vampire wannabes.

            Tall dark and handsome stepped closer and braced his hands against the wall on either side of her head. “Wannabes?”

            Lord, but no man should have such long eyelashes. Swallowing, Ruth refused to drop her gaze. “Yeah, wannabes. Those crazy people who have dental surgery to have fake fangs inserted.”

            He grinned again, revealing sharp fangs.

            Ruth blinked. Were they there when he grinned before?

            “Do these look fake?”

            Her mouth dropped open as his canines lengthened even more. Snapping her mouth shut, she gulped -- twice. Ruth sucked up her courage and continued to stare into his face. She would not let him intimidate her. She could get out of here anytime she wanted. One good kick to his balls would have him moaning at her feet. The other two wouldn’t be problems to take out either. Derek especially, was still probably woozy from the earlier knock he’d gotten on the head. No, she $was$ still in control of the situation. A couple of fake incisors weren’t going to scare her. “How did you do that?”

            He continued to smile and glanced down at her chest. “Your nipples are showing, love.”

            Ruth didn’t have to look down to know he was telling the truth. Between her cold ass and his hot stare, her nipples were standing at stiff attention. “It’s fricking cold in here. What did you expect?”

            He chuckled a delicious chuckle.

            Shivering, she gritted her teeth. It was the cold that was affecting her body, not his sexy laugh.

            “No, love. They’re really showing, not just poking against that tempting bit of silk you’re wearing.”

            When Ruth looked down, her head brushed against his chest. She gasped. The skimpy top of her teddy had twisted and both nipples were plainly visible. As she lifted her hands to rearrange her bodice, he easily captured her wrists.

            “I like the view the way it is.”

            The blonde stepped closer. “Her boobs are hanging out? Let me see!”

            Sighing, her captor shook his head and glanced back over his shoulder. “William, must you be so crude? Women are impressed by manners and class, not base statements about their -- boobs.”

            The younger man stepped closer. “You’re supposed to call me Bill, not William, and I still wanna see, Uncle Alastair.”


            Alastair looked away from his nephew and back at the woman he held prisoner. She was staring up at him, triumph shining in her eyes because she’d learned his true name. A pity Dracula wasn’t here. Maybe he could scare her. Mentally, Alastair shook his head. Most women held prisoner in a room with three men would be scared out of their wits. She wasn’t. Why? How could she possibly think she’d be able to escape any one of them let alone all three?

            She continued to stare at him, the triumph in her eyes turning to calculation. “I saw the bloody snow in your backyard. Where did it come from?”

            Now she was asking questions? Alastair tilted his head to the side. She was becoming far more interesting than he’d ever anticipated.

            She glared at him.

            He canted his head to the other side. Not afraid in the least. Interesting. He’d never met a woman like her. What was her name? Ruth... Ruth Mallory. That was it. She was a reporter for the local newspaper. Was that what kept her from being afraid? The fact that she was a reporter? Did she really think that would make a difference? Well, if she wanted a story, he’d give her one. He grinned. “The blood was from Noelle.”

            A strangled sob came from the couch.

            “Did you have to mention her name again?” his nephew snapped. “You know how Derek gets when he hears her name.”

            Alastair continued to smile at Ruth.

            Her eyes widened. “What happened to her?”

            Satisfaction settled onto Alastair’s shoulders. Finally, fear had appeared in her eyes. “We buried her in the backyard.”







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