Sexier than a Hollywood starlet!


More buxom than a Vegas show girl.


Able to split infinitives with a single key stroke!


Look! At the computer!


It's a programmer!


It's a computer nerd!


No! It's - Judy Mays!


Yes, Judy Mays - romantica writer extraordinaire who came to Earth with powers and abilities beyond those of mortal authors. Judy Mays! Who can write wild, wanton werewolves; adorable, alluring aliens; vexing, vivacious vamps;  hot, haunting historicals; compelling, combustible contemporaries; sexy,  surprising suspense, and cagey, cuddly kitty cats; and, who, disguised as a mild-mannered tenth grade English teacher in a small public high school, fights a never ending battle for Hot Hunks, Hip Heroines, and Salacious Sensuality!


Email her at or write: Judy Mays PO Box 164 Selinsgrove, PA  17870


Better yet, join her group at


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Judy is a member of:

bullet EPIC--Electronically Published Internet Connection
bullet Romance Writers of America
bullet ESPAN--Association of Small Press Authors Network, RWA Special Interest Chapter
bullet Books We Love
bullet Writer Space Paranormal Romance Authors
bullet Sensual Romance Yahoo Group
bullet E Vampires
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