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Midnight Angel of Bodmin Moor


Karalyn Marshall lives for revenge. She wants the officer responsible for her parents' deaths dead, and she'll do anything to achieve that end including break the law herself.  By night she rides Bodmin Moor as a female "highwayman' who robs only British officers.  Perhaps the army will send her prey to her.

            Adrian Warrick, Marquis of Ravenrook is a haunted man.  For six years he sailed the seven seas in the guise of pirate, searching for men the English Crown deemed too dangerous to live.  Now, they are all dead, and he has returned to Cornwall.  But the ghosts of those who died under his blade haunt him nightly, and his soul is slipping away into darkness. 

            Can the love of a woman bent on revenge save him?  What's more, can his love replace her need for revenge?



Celestial Passions: Beti


Accompanying Alalakan dem al' Sheala to Drakan with her new husband, the Aradab Beti had nothing more on her mind that to protect her charge from anyone or anything who might hurt her.  And, if she could do a bit of spying and learn a few new things about the Gattans for Mediria's spy master, so much the better. 


Radris had spent a good part of his life guarding his friend, the King of Drakan, from the insidious plots of the queen's sister, a woman who was willing to start wars with every other planet in the galaxy if it would make her queen. Those plots have all been foiled and the queen has seen her sister for the danger she is.  Still others on the planet Gattan do not like having more and more aliens arrive on their planet.  And, who is kidnapping young Gattan women and what is happening to them.  Radris still has mysteries to solve.


However, when Radris and Beti meet, the attration is apparant.  Willing to trust his heart, Radris makes the first overtures. For Beti, however, the decision is much harder.  How can she love a man on whom she is spying?


Unleashed Heat


Tristan Gray anticipated a quick tip to New Orleans.  As the werewolf Heirarchy's best Hunter, he was sure he'd find the false Vodun priest who'd kidnapped his neice Melody and make short work of him.  Normally, a Hunter only hunted werewolves who were deemed threats to their society, but no one, human, Were, or any other Fey, threatened members of his family and lived!  The one thing Tristan never anticipated happening was finding his mate.


As a member of the New Orleans Vodun Council, Jasmine was determined to find and capture Manno Cousan before he could do any more damage.  His attempts to subvert true Vodun to his way had gone too far with the kidnapping of her nephew's new wife.  She could handle him, she knew she could.  The one thing Jasmine never anticipated was a powerful - and very sexy - werewolf who was determined to handle Cousan in his own way.



What is true? What isn't?

Myths and Legends: Lilliam

For those who anger the gods, retribution is swift.

Condemned to remain a jaguar until someone wished she was human, Lilliam lived through years that stretched first into decades and then into centuries. She forgot what is was like to be human, to walk on two legs, to pick things up with her hands, to taste anything other than meat.

Almost two thousand years passed. The world changed. Lilliam's habitat shrank, and the day came when she was caught in a poacher's trap. Finally, she hoped, death would find her and she could rest.

But, death didn't find her. A man did, a tall handsome man, who, in an off-hand comment, wished the lithe jaguar he'd rescued was human.



What Will Be Next?

You'll have to wait and see...





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