An Excerpt From: Perfumed Heat


    As Artemis reached out to steady her, the delicate fragrance of lily of the valley embraced him. His senses tingled, and he inhaled deeply. Then, along with the perfume, a far more subtle, enticing scent reached Artemis, a spicy, completely arousing scent. Moira was just entering the human version of heat.

     The feral desire that had lain dormant in Artemis’s soul for so many years roared to life, and the werewolf in him demanded sexual satisfaction.

     Mine! Mate her! Now!

     Like a fist in his abdomen, desire shot through Artemis. Blood rushed from his head to his cock, which immediately swelled and lengthened. His nostrils flared as he inhaled Moira’s scent again. Why? Why this woman? A human woman’s heat had never affected him before. He inhaled again her scent again. Her rich, earthy aroma mixed with the perfume she wore enticed all his senses. He had to have her!

     At Artemis’s side, Brendan’s head snapped up and his nostrils flared. Turning, he too stepped towards Moira.

     Artemis’s reaction was immediate. He clamped his hand down on his son’s arm and hauled him back away from the young woman who stood before them.

Brendan tensed and shot a challenging glare at his father.

     Artemis tightened his hand and snarled, “Mine.”

      Slowly, Brendan relaxed. Then he bowed his head to his father. “Yours.”

     Artemis released him, turned back to Moira, and looked deep into her eyes. He lifted his hand. “Come to me.”


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PERFUMED HEAT is Judy May’s first outing for Ellora’s Cave.  Artemis and Moira are well-developed characters whose instant connection is intense and believable.  The sex is explosive, hot and heavy, leaving you gasping even as you are riveted to the page.  Despite its brevity, this is a well-developed story with a full, complete plot.  You almost can’t believe that this is one of EC’s famous Quickies.  The story sucks you in so completely that you are wishing for more by the time you reach the final page.  Luckily, the author is promising more stories about Artemis’ children in the near future. I, for one, can’t wait.

Reviewed by MeriBeth McCombs for The Road to Romance

Rating: 4.5 Roses

PERFUMED HEAT is a short erotica (approx. 31 pages), but nonetheless is packed with Ms. Mays’ trademark "heat within a story" writing talent....
This reviewer loves the realistic characterizations Ms. Mays does with her werewolves, and the vivid erotic passions they feel. Although a short story, this still leaves a reader feeling satisfied with the great ending, and then have you searching out more of Ms. Mays’s books.

Reviewer: Kari Thomas

Perfumed Heat is Judy Mays' first title with Ellora's Cave, it is also the first title of her shapeshifter series... The intensity of the attraction between Moira and Artemis is palpable. The love scenes are hot and flow nicely, and I found myself squirming on my chair more than once. A definite must-read for werewolf/shapeshifter lovers, Perfumed Heat is an appealing short story and I look forward to Ms. Mays' upcoming titles.

Mireya Orsini, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Fast, fun, and sexy aptly describe this delicious little quickie from Judy Mays. If you like werewolves and alpha men, you're going to adore Artemis Gray. There is a lot of story and character packed into this short tale, as well as a lot of heat. I'm hoping Ms. Mays has plans for future stories about the Grays. If you're in the mood to howl at the moon, or just liven up your lunch hour, PERFUMED HEAT is the perfect read!

Terrie Figueroa, Romance Reviews Today

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