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Rednecks N' Roses and Rednecks N' Rock Candy together in paperback!  If you like your vampires hot and funny, this book is for you!  Coming October 12, 2009.














Amber is ready to bite nails. First, she loses her job. Okay, here's her chance to write the novel she always wanted to. Then, she arrives at the farm her aunt bequeathed her to find a man in her bath tub -- a dead man.

Only he's not dead, well sort of not dead.  Could things get any worse - or could they be getting better?  The not so dead man is vampire. Hot damn! What more could a romance writer ask for but her very own vampire hero?


But, Rusty Nipple won't cooperate. He won't stop sleeping in the bathtub, he won't shave off his beard, he won't stop drinking beer, and he won't bite men. He won't even change his name! Who ever heard of a vampire named Rusty Nipple? How is she supposed to write about a suave, sexy, debonair vampire if Rusty won't cooperate?


Determined to make Rusty into the kind of vampire everyone wants to read about, Amber rolls up her sleeves and gets to work.  However, Rusty sees Amber as a work in progress, too.  What better way to learn all this new vampire stuff than on his very own live-in romance author.

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Mandi OíBrian is not happy.  She was supposed to meet her friend Amber at the country house Amber had inherited.  Only Amber has gone off to New York to meet with her new literary agent and her publisher.  So what is a gourmet chef like Mandi supposed to do stuck out here in the middle of no where in a house where the TV only got four channels?  She couldnít even watch Emeril!

 Sheriff Brad Keister isnít very happy either.  Ever since he was fatally shot in a drug bust and his cousin Rusty had changed him into a vampire, Bradís life had been completely upended.  No more coaching little league, no more corn on the cob, no more spending a hot summer afternoons fishing at the creek.  Hell, he couldnít even do his job as sheriff competently anymore since he couldnít go out in the hot sun.  Even worse, he had to take care of Amberís goofy, cross-eyed cat while she was away.  What a screwed up life he had.  He just might be better off dead.          

 Then, Brad rescues Mandi from the insidious attack of a malevolent rose bush.  Thorns in her behind, she launches herself into his arms and wraps her legs around his waist.  For the first time in six months desire pools in Bradís groin.  As he pulls the thorns out of her butt -- and ignores her angry comments about sexual harassment -- Brad knows heís going to become much more intimately acquainted with the woman whoís got his blood pumping in all the right places again.

Available NOW from Ellora's Cave

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