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Available now from Ellora's Cave

Melody Gray has a dilemma, two of them really. 


First, a CIA agent name Nick Price has appeared at her detective agency looking for a former client of hers named Jake Fields.  According to Price, his real name is Nick Hurley, and he’s embezzled a lot of money from the CIA.  What Nick isn’t telling Melody is that he’s really searching for Jake because his superior believes he’s a werewolf, not that Nick believes in them.  But, his boss is his boss, and Nick’s got to follow orders.


What Melody isn’t telling Nick is that Jake Hurley is really Garth Gray, her brother.  She knows exactly why Nick Price is hunting her brother.  After all, Garth is really a werewolf.  So is Melody for that matter.  All she has to do is stall Nick Price of the “effing” CIA long enough for her father Artemis to get Nick pulled off the case.


Melody’s second problem?  Seems there’s a wolf named Drake who thinks she’d make the perfect mate.  Melody isn’t interested.  Go live in the woods as a wolf for the rest of her life and give up bubble baths and chocolate?  No way!  All she has to do is figure out how to convince Drake, who’s got to be the most stubborn wolf she’d ever met.


Two males, one human, one wolf, and both driving Melody to distraction. But then, neither is exactly what he seems to be.



Available now from Ellora's Cave


For uncounted years, Bleddyn has waited for the right woman to purge the lust to kill from his blood. Now he's found her. Reporter Meredythe Welsh is hot on the trail of a serial killer, one who uses a wolf or wolfdog to kill his victims, and the trail leads directly to Dr. Bleddyn Glyndwr, a man who both fascinates and tantalizes her.    As the full moon waxes, a blizzard strands Meredythe at his estate where she learns his dark secret - and experiences the passionate love of a werewolf.   But, Slade, Bleddyn’s arch enemy,  is nearby watching and waiting -- waiting to take the woman who's blood, he believes, will grant him eternal life.


2007 Best Ertoic Paranormal
Romance from Romantic Times Magazine!


It's a Top Pick! 4 1/2 Romantic Times Magazine

Available now from Amazon.com!


2 of Judy Mays' Hottest books in 1 paperback book!

Mays's two novellas reunite readers with the Gray family, powerful heroes who will stop at nothing to find their life's mate. The were - in the third and fourth stories in Mays' Heat series - find their place in the packs while dealing with issues such as jealousy and sibling rivalry. The stories are intense, solid and utterly sensuous.

Summary: Belle Gray is thrilled that she can finally have a bit of time to herself. Running the family business along with her father and brother keeps her quite busy. In "A Midsummer Night's Heat," just as Belle thinks she can relax, she finds an injured wolf, one who is were like she is. The wolf, Alex Whitehorse, is the alpha of his pack, and has just found his mate! However, Belle doesn't make it easy. Note to readers: Try not to fall in love with Callie the mind-speaking cat.

"Solstice Heat" delivers Eileen to Garth years after they mated. Garth can't believe he's found his mate again, and nothing is going to stop them from being together again - even the CIA and Eileen's second mate, the violent man she escaped from.

Review by Leigh Rowling.




Available now from Ellora's Cave



Unlike his brothers Kearnan and Brendan, Garth didn't fight the urge to find his soul mate.  He knew Eileen was his as soon as he saw her and wasted no time claiming her.

Too bad her parents wouldn't accept an "Abomination" for a son-in-law and spirited her away.

Years later, Eileen escapes the abusive mate her parents forced on her and finds sanctuary with Garth's sister Belle.  Finally, in her dearest friend's pack, she feels safe.

And then Garth returns to her.

But, the man who abused her is hunting her.

What's more, the government is hunting Garth.



4.5 stars from RT  magazine!

Available NOW!


Available in paperback at Walden Books, Borders Book Stores & Amazon.com


2 of Judy Mays' Hottest books in 1 paperback book!



 A Touch of Heat contains Perfumed Heat and In the Heat of the Night.  A Touch of Heat will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Walden Book stores.


4 Stars Romantic Times Magazine!

Available now from Ellora's Cave




Belle can finally take a vacation. Her father Artemis is happily married again, and he and her brother Brendan are more than capable of managing the family business without her for a few weeks.

Alex has lost the woman he expected to marry to another werewolf, an abomination whose werewolf father had mated a real wolf, then taught the cubs she birthed to assume human form. Abomination!

When Belle found Alex in the woods, bleeding from a gunshot wound, she took him to her cabin and nursed him back to health - and love.

But what will Alex do when he discovers the woman he's falling in love with is a sister to the man he hates most, a woman who had a wolf for a mother?


4.5 Roses!

Available NOW from Ellora's Cave




Serena Wilde is anything but serene. The full moon is tonight. She has to get away, or she'll be far wilder than her sexy boss could ever anticipate. Why in the world did he have to demand that she show up for a meeting about a new breeding program now? Dr. Kearnan Gray might be an expert on wolves, but he didn't know a damn thing about werewolves, especially one that was about to come into heat.




4.5 Roses!

Available NOW from Ellora's Cave


Since the death of his mate, the desire for another to take her place lay dormant in Artemis Gray's soul. No female could ever take her place, and he was content with his life as it was. Then, Moira Archer, a human woman, entered his life, her rich, earthy scent combined with the perfume she wore enticing all of his senses.
Like a fist in his abdomen, desire shot through him. The werewolf in his soul awoke and howled in triumph. Mine!







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